"Really enjoyed your presentation this afternoon on epoxy clay.  Anxious to order some & use it on my sculpture project.  May call on you for some advice.  Thanks again for sharing!  SO helpful!  Love what you're doing! Obvious you like what you are doing!"

-Patti R.

". . . I thank you so much for the wonderful class. My mind is spinning with all the things I could do. I will watch for your future classes and if you keep a mailing list of that sort of thing, please put me on it. Thank you so much for the class today!"

-Elizabeth B.

Our Workshops

We love sharing our knowledge with others.  We have taught workshops on mixed media assemblage, armatures, epoxy clay, use of rotary tools, and mixed media jewelry making techniques.  We generally teach at the Texas Art Asylum located in Houston.  If you are interested in hosting a workshop, contact us and let us know.

NEW:  Penny has an online class in the second summer session of Artful Gathering. Join her in “Aiming for the Divine: Relics of a Straight Shooting Woman.” You will learn to sculpt a mixed media assemblage arm reliquary with an optional removable jewelry piece. For more information go to the "Blog" or the "Events/News" page.